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Tactical Sekt -'Syncope'  
Tamtrum - 'Elektronik Blakc Mess'  
Tamtrum - 'Some atomik songz'  
Tannhauser - 'A New Biostate'  
Technoir - 'Deliberately Fragile'  
Technoir - 'Manifesto'  
Techny-Call X - 'Evolution'  
Terence Fixmer - 'Silence control'  
Teresa 11 - 'Smoky heaven'  
Terrorfakt - 'Cold World Remixes'  
The 69 Eyes - 'Devils'  
The Beauty of Gemina - 'Diary of a Lost'  
The Birthday Massacre - 'Violet'  
The Birthday Massacre - 'Walking With Strangers'  
The Bloodline - 'Where Lost Souls Dwell'  
The Breath of Life - 'Silver Drops'  
The Crest - 'Vain City Chronicles'  
The Crüxshadows - 'Frozen Embers'  
The Crüxshadows - 'Dreamcypher'  
The Crüxshadows - 'Echoes and artifacts'  
The Crüxshadows - 'Ethernaut'  
The Crüxshadows - 'Fortress In Flames'  
The Crüxshadows - 'Sophia'  
The Cure (piratas)  
The Cure - 'Bloodflowers'  
The Cure - 'Wish'  
The Deadfly Ensemble - 'An entire wardrobe of doubt and uncertainty'  
The Dignity of Labor - 'The Dignity of Labor'  
The Dresden Dolls - 'Yes, Virginia ...'  
The Echoing Green - 'The Winter Of Our Discountent'  
The Elysian Fields - 'Suffering G.O.D. Almighty'  
The Faces of Sarah - 'Impurity Ep'  
The Fair Sex - 'Thin Walls (part I)'  
The Fair Sex - 'Thin Walls - Part II'  
The Flood of Tears - 'The Flood of Tears'  
The Frozen Autumn - 'Emotional Screening Device'  
The Hacker - 'Art et Industries'  
The Invincible Spirit - 'Anthology'  
The Knife - 'Silent Shout'  
The Last Dance - '...Reflections of Rage...'  
The Last Dance - 'Once Beautiful'  
The Last Dance - 'Perfect'  
The Last Dance - 'Whispers in Rage'  
The Lucy Show - 'Mania'  
The Magnetic Fields -'I'  
The Mirror Reveals - 'Frames of Teknicolor'  
The Moon And The Nightspirit - 'Of Dreams Forgotten And Fables Untold'  
The Neon Judgement - 'The First Judgements'  
The Other Side - 'Floating~Walking'  
The Pain Machinery - 'Hostile'  
The Pain Machinery - 'The Venom Is Going Global'  
the Peoples Republic of Europe - 'Lubrication'  
The Plastic Noise Experience - 'Dead or Alive'  
The Plastic Noise Experience - 'Machinenmusik'  
The retrosic - 'God of Hell'  
The Retrosic - 'Nightcrawler'  
The Rorschach Garden - 'Our Japanese Friends'  
The Rorschach Garden - 'The Toy Factory'  
The Scandals - 'Cutouts, Patchworks & Rip Offs'  
The Soil Bleeds Black -'Mirror Of The Meddle Age'  
The Third And The Mortal - 'Project Bluebook'  
The Vincent Black Shadow - '...Fear's in the water'  
The Vision Bleak - 'Carpathia-A Dramatic Poem'  
The Wardrobe - 'A sandwich short'  
The White Rose Movement - 'Kick'  
Theatre of Tragedy - 'Storm (Club EP)'  
Theodor Bastard - 'Pustota'  
Therion - 'Gothic Kabbalah'  
This Empty Flow - 'The album'  
This Ending - 'Inside the machine'  
This Morn Omina - ‘Au dela de tous les degres’  
This Morn' Omina - 'Les Passages Jumeaux’  
This Vale Of Tears - 'Exceed'  
Thomas Nöla et Son Orchestre - '¡Vanity is a sin!'  
Thou Art Lord - 'Orgia Daemonicum'  
Thoushaltnot -'The projectionist'  
Thoushaltnot - 'Land Dispute'  
Thoushaltnot - 'The White Beyond'  
To Avoid - 'Voyage into the Past'  
To/Die/For - 'IV'  
To/Die/For - 'Wounds wide open'  
Toll - 'Christ Knows'  
Tom Waits - 'Real Gone'  
Tom Wax - 'A new life'  
Tor Lundvall - 'Empty City'  
Tor Lundvall - 'Yule'  
Toroidh - 'Offensiv!'  
To~mera - 'Trascendental'  
Tragic Black - 'The decadent requiem'  
Trail of Tears - 'Existentia'  
Trail of Tears - 'Free Fall Into Fear'  
Trajedesaliva & Chaos Condensed - 'Ciertos animales de costumbres discretas'  
Trajedesaliva - 'Mima Blanca'  
Triarii - 'Pièce Héroique'  
Tribe of Circle - 'Children of a weakened god'  
Tristania - 'Ashes'  
Tristania - 'Illumination'  
Trobar de Morte - 'Reverie'  
Twiligh Ophera and the Order of the Sanguine Diadem - 'Descension'  
Typewriter - 'Birdsnest'  
Tyske Ludder - 'Sojus'  
Tyske Ludder - 'Trinity'  
Tystnaden - 'Sham of Perfection'  

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