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S.P.O.C.K. - '2001: A S.P.O.C.K. Odyssey'  
Sabrina - 'Euphoria'  
Samhain - ' Violent Identity'  
Sanguis Et Cinis - 'Alright Let's Rock'  
Sarrazine - 'Sin Título'  
Savant Garde - 'Mother Brain'  
Scandy - ' 13 ways to masturbate'  
Scary Bitches - 'Lesbian Vampires from outer space'  
Schattenschlag - 'Twisted Mind Of Perversion'  
Schloss Tegal - 'Black Static Transmission'  
Schloss Tegal - 'The Soul Extinguished'  
Scream Silence - 'Aphelia'  
Seabound - 'Double crosser'  
Seabound - 'No Sleep Demon'  
Second Skin - 'Black Eyed Angel'  
Secrecy - 'Beneath the Lies'  
Secret Discovery - 'Pray'  
Selber - 'Attack'  
Selfless - 'Conjunction'  
Sentenced - 'The Funeral Album'  
Sero.Overdose - 'Heading for Tomorrow'  
Severin Bestombes von Horse Gore Club - 'Auszug und Abgesang'  
Sex Gang Children - 'Bastard Art'  
Shadow Reichenstein - 'Werewolf Order'  
Sham Rain - 'Someplace Else'  
Shape Of Despair - 'Illusion's Play'  
She wants revenge - 'She wants revenge'  
She Wants Revenge - 'Tear you apart'  
SicNoise - 'No Longer Human'  
Siderartica - 'Night Parade'  
Siderartica - 'Shapes And Colours From The Land Of God'  
Sieben - 'High Broad Field'  
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - 'Ultra Real'  
Silence - 'Key'  
Silent Love of Death - 'The Poet's Senses'  
Silentivm - 'Frostnight'  
Silica Gel - 'Carpe Diem MX'  
Silica Gel - 'Genesis'  
Silica Gel - 'La mitad'  
Silica Gel - 'Nada es eterno'  
Sinamore - 'A New Day'  
Sinbeats - 'Sinbeats'  
Siva Six - 'Black Will'  
Siva Six - 'Rise New Flesh'  
Sixth Comm - 'Headless / Let the moon speak'  
Skinny Puppy - 'Mythmaker'  
Skinny Puppy - 'The greater wrong of the right live' DVD  
Skinny Puppy - 'The Greater Wrong Of The Right'  
Skoyz - 'Hologram'  
Sleeping Children - 'In Vivo Tests'  
Sleeping Children - 'Lullabies For Debauchery'  
Snakeskin - 'Canta'Tronic'  
Snog - 'Sixteen easy tunes for the end times'  
Soiled - 'Shambolic Psychotic'  
Sol Invictus - 'The Devil's Steed'  
Solitary Experiments - 'Cause & Effect'  
Solitary Experiments - ‘Mind Over Matter’  
Soman - 'Sound Pressure'  
Soman - 'Unleash'  
Sonar - 'Alien overdrive'  
Sono - 'A New Cage'  
Sopor Aeternus - 'La Chambre D'echoe'  
Spacemen 3 - 'Live In Europe'  
Spacemen 3 - 'Losing Touch With Your Mind'  
Spacemen 3 - 'Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drogs To'  
Spetsnaz - 'Deadpan'  
Spetsnaz - 'Grand Design'  
Spetsnaz - 'Totalitär'  
Spiritual Front - 'Armageddon gigolo'  
Splatterpunk - 'Channel 83'  
St Grial - 'The Beautiful Cold Ice'  
Stahlwerk 9/Cold Fusion/Rukkanor - 'Triumvire'  
Stereoskop - 'Electrika'  
Stereoskop - 'In a While EP'  
Stereoskop - 'Malevich'  
Stochastic Theory - 'Opposite Exremes'  
Stoneman - 'Sex.Drugs.Murder'  
Stormfaegel - 'Den nalkanden stormen'  
Stravaganzza - 'Hijo del Miedo'  
Stromkern - 'Light It Up'  
Sturm Café - 'So seelisch, so schön!'  
Sub Luna - ‘In the Shade of Time’  
Subway To Sally - 'Nord Nord Ost'  
Suicide Commando - 'Anthology'  
Suicide Commando - 'Bind, Torture, Kill'  
Suicide Commando - 'Godsend Menschfresser'  
Suidakra - 'Caledonia'  
Sumerland - 'Sivo'  
Summoning - 'Oath bound'  
Supreme Court & Feindflug - 'We ll***You Up'  
Supreme Court - 'Yell It Out'  
Svenia -'Black Heart'  
Swan Christy - 'A Decent Album'  
Syntax Orion - 'Demonstration'  
Syrian - 'Alien Nation'  
Syrian - 'Kosmonauta'  

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